Monday, October 12, 2015

Best Chest Exercises For Women


Many women shy away from chest exercises, generally thinking one of two things: (1) that chest exercises consist of only the bench press and are only useful for male bodybuilders, or (2) that chest exercises will reduce their breast size.

Both of these notions are false. To address (1), there are many more chest exercises than the bench press, and chest exercises benefit everyone! You don’t need to use heavy weights for chest exercises, and even if you do lift heavy weights, ladies, you won’t bulk up like a bodybuilder; your body does not have the hormones for that type of muscle building. Your muscles will increase in size somewhat, but more importantly, they will become toned and defined. Moreover, chest exercises are the best way to train the motion of pushing, a key dimension of functional strength that everyone can benefit from improving.

And to shoot down misconception (2) once and for all, that chest exercises will reduce breast size, you need to know that spot reduction is a myth. In other words, working out your chest will not burn fat in that area. Nor will abdominal workouts burn your tummy fat. Fat loss is a much larger picture involving burning more calories than you consume. Fat loss occurs in a fairly even pattern throughout the body, not in the specific areas that are exercised.

Chest exercises will likely make your breasts look bigger, not smaller! The chest muscles we work during chest exercises directly underlie the breasts, and guess what, if the foundation the breasts sit upon is boosted, the breasts will be boosted as well!

So no more excuses: strength training is the key to women’s fitness and if you are exercising, you should be lifting weights! Keep reading to learn about basic chest anatomy, exercise guidelines for chest exercises, and the best chest exercises for women including instructional videos. Click on given below source to watch video.

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