Sunday, October 18, 2015

Best Yoga Moves to Blast that Muffin Top!


Maybe you know the feeling… you go to put on a fabulous pair of pants and there it is — a little extra “you” poking out around the waistband. It happens! But here is an effective series of yoga postures that can help melt the fat and tone the muscles of your core. Break out your yoga mat and follow these eight moves for a seamless flow that is sure to rid you of that muffin top for good!
High Plank to Low Plank: This move engages the transverse abdominal muscles to stabilize and fire up all of the muscles in your core! Come into a pushup position with wrists directly under your shoulders and your heels directly above your toes. Engage the abdominal muscles by pulling them in toward the spine. Ensure a straight line runs from the crown of your head out through the bottoms of your heels — no sagging hips or swayed lower back. Hold here for one full inhale and exhale.

Next, keeping the abs firmly engaged, drop down on to the right forearm, followed by the left forearm. While you’re moving, try to keep your hips from shifting or dropping. Once you’re down on the forearms, recheck the core muscles and spinal alignment. Hold low plank for one full breath cycle.

To complete the move, press back up onto the right palm followed by the left palm, returning to high plank. Hold here for one full inhale and exhale.

If at any time you have trouble keeping the core muscles engaged and find your hips sagging or back swaying, do this whole sequence from the knees, keeping a straight line from the crown of the head through the tailbone throughout your movement. source>> Advertisement

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