Thursday, October 29, 2015

From Flat to Full in 30 Days (Without Weights)


When I was pregnant, I had such a bubble butt! I absolutely loved the little extra padding down there. However, when I gave birth and starting breastfeeding, my bubble popped and I ended up with a booty as flat as a flapjack pancake! Where on Earth did my derriere go?

While breastfeeding, it was hard enough to take in extra calories as I burned so much. I ended up losing a lot of my muscle tone that I once had! I decided that I had to do something. My pants were not fitting as nice as they once did!

I always heard that squats were the way to go, but I hated them. Truth is, I had gotten pure lazy. Taking care of a newborn was exhausting enough that I had put my workouts on the back-burner for a couple of months. But one day, I woke up and figured it was time and either now or never. I had to force myself to love squats and what better way to do that than introducing myself to new variations? By trying different versions of this classic workout, I kept it fresh and fun without any boredom. By the end of the month, I looked forward to doing them!

I did the following workouts each night for 30 days before I went to bed-10 reps with 3 sets.

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