Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Good Workout In 10 Minutes


Right about now, you’re probably feeling more meh than motivated about your New Year’s fitness resolutions. But working out more often doesn’t have to mean slaving away on the treadmill for an hour. Scientists at McCaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, recently found that even a few minutes of working out at a high intensity can affect your muscles as much as several hours of running or bike riding — awesome.

If your gym mantra is get in, get out, you’re in luck: trainer Adam Rosante of The People’s Bootcamp created this super fast workout exclusively for Bustle. “It will send your heart rate through the roof for maximum fat burn while forcing your muscles to work explosively for a lean, toned and totally functional body,” says Rosante. No excuses — you’ll be done in less time that it takes you to clean out your Netflix queue. read more >>


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