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The Most Effective Home Remedy for Cellulite with Castor Oil


The Most Effective Home Remedy for Cellulite with Castor Oil

Cellulite is a dimpled look of the skin. It is mainly caused by the pressing down of the damaged connective tissues which coat the fat layer of your body by the layer of fat cells beneath the outer walls of your skin. The single remedy the US Food and Drug Administration approved is the application of handheld therapy massage on the skin in order to break the fat layer into several sections which are called Endermologie. This method was introduced from Europe. There are numerous posts over the internet offering remedies for treating cellulite; among the given remedies is the use of castor oil on the surface area of your skin where you have the dimpled like skin otherwise cellulite.

Cellulite and Circulation

More so, there are different theories regarding the causes of cellulite. Micelle Pick, who is the founder of Women To Women Clinic, suggest that insufficient blood flow and lymph fluid in the connective tissues make the fat cells beneath lose their elasticity, get weakened and also tightened. She further revealed that under normal condition, capillaries should provide fresh nutrient-rich blood to the skin and the lymph. therefore, they will take away waste and toxins from the body, but when this blood flow doesn't happen correctly, this will result in the surrounding tissues starved and weaken.

The Lymphatic System

Moreover, for a better understanding of cellulite, it's important to know what lymph system is and how it functions. This lymphatic system is accountable for removing waste and excess  fluid from the cells and the tissue in between them. Plus, it helps the circulatory system to carry to the cells and tissues the necessary nutrients, hormones and oxygen. Thus, if the lymph drainage is slow, this will lead to the buildup of fluid and the cells will starve of oxygen and nutrients. One of the holistic practitioners in this field David G. William states that since the buildup of fluid outside the cells causes the tissues to stretch, it'll be more difficult to adjust it when the stretching is allowed to last for a long time.

Castor Oil and Lymph Flow

Nevertheless, it's been observed that castor oil has many health benefits which range from
functioning as a laxative,
pain reliever,
preventing of virus, bacteria, and even yeast growth,
stimulating the lymphatic system.

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