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10 Secrets About Your Metabolism That Can Help You Lose Weight!


10 Secrets About Your Metabolism That Can Help You Lose Weight!

If you want to lose weight, one of the best ways to do that is by boosting your metabolism. When your metabolism gets a boost, your body will begin to burn more energy throughout the day which means more stored fat will be burnt as your body looks for more energy sources. Here are 10 tips that will help you boost your metabolism.

1. Interval Cardio Exercises

Studies have shown that when you alternate the intensity of your cardio exercises, your metabolism speeds up more than if you go at a steady pace. So, when you’re doing your 4 - 5 cardio exercises per week, do interval cardio instead.
A great example of an interval cardio exercise is walking for two minutes then running for 1 minute. You can increase these numbers as you get more in shape. Doing that for 30 minutes will burn more calories and boost your metabolism more than just walking for 30 minutes.
2. Get Plenty of Healthy Fats

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make when dieting is completely cutting fats from their diet. However, the problem is not fat itself, but the type of fat. Your body actually needs fats to function, but what it needs are the monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids that you can find in avocados, salmon and other fish, nuts, seeds, and olive oil.
3. Increase Your Protein Intake

There are a few ways that protein will help you lose weight. Protein will help you increase your muscle mass which is great for you because, pound for pound, muscle burns more calories than fat. It also helps you feel fuller longer which lets you eat less and lower your daily caloric intake.
The other way that protein helps is by giving your metabolism a boost. Protein boosts your body’s metabolism because the fibers are more complicated and therefore require more energy to break down. Research done on the subject showed that eating a protein-rich meal boosted metabolism for hours afterwards.
Foods that contain more protein and less unhealthy fat include turkey, chicken, lean pork, eggs, and dairy products.
4. Eat More Leafy Vegetables

Dark green leafy vegetables should be a staple in your diet for losing weight, and beyond. They not only are high in iron and a number of other essential vitamins and minerals, but they will also help boost your metabolism. This is because they kick up your digestion which causes your body to begin to burn through more calories.
5. Try Spicing Things Up

Spicy or hot foods can actually help you burn more calories and will give your metabolism a boost hours after eating them. This is because spicy foods like chili peppers and jalepeƱos contain a compound called capsaicin. This chemical actually increases your body’s internal temperature for several hours which causes more fat to be burned more quickly.
6. Apples

Apples not only help reduce hunger between meals because they’re high in fiber and packed with vitamins and minerals, but they can also help to boost your metabolism. Try eating an apple every day in between meals for an instant metabolism boost that is also healthy and delicious.
7. Drink Green Tea

There seems to be no end in sight when it comes to the number of health benefits being found in green tea. One of the things that green tea does for your body is providing powerful antioxidants which will clear your body of harmful toxins so that all of your body’s cells can work better. It also contains a compound called catechin. Catechin helps give your metabolism a huge boost, so consider replacing some of your usual sugary drinks with green tea.
8. Drink More Water

Your body needs water for every process, including metabolism. By increasing your water intake, you can give your body what it needs which can lead to a 30% boost in metabolism. Although the standard is 8 glasses of water of 8 ounces each every day, you will need more if you are more active. Drinking plenty of water can also help reduce hunger cravings.
9. Don’t Eat Too Late

Studies have shown that people who eat within a few hours of going to sleep don’t lose as much weight as people who don’t, even when they’re both eating the same amount of calories throughout the day. This is because your metabolism naturally slows down at night when your body isn’t using energy, so anything still in your system before you go to bed gets turned right into fat.
10. Eliminate the Stress in Your Life

To your body, stress is a sign that it needs to prepare for difficult times, and your body does that by storing and holding onto fat. Stress releases chemicals into your bloodstream to prevent your body from burning too much fat, so take some steps to eliminate and reduce the stress in your life. If you can’t get away from it, then try different relaxation techniques to calm yourself down and get rid of those stress hormones.

10 Secrets About Your Metabolism That Can Help You Lose Weight!


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