Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How-to Get Motivated to Lose Weight


How-to Get Motivated to Lose Weight

People always ask me about motivation, and how to get started on a health and fitness journey, so I wanted to give you some of my tips =)

Tip 1: Figure out your why.

WHY do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to get healthy? Do you want more energy to keep up with your kids? Do you want to feel confident and comfortable in your skin? What is your reason for making the change? This is seriously KEY. It’s going to be hard. You’re going to struggle. You might want to give up. But if you know your reason for sticking with it and you are 100% committed to making the change for that why, then you’re going to stay strong when things get tough.

I suggest writing out your why, and sharing it with a close friend or family member. Ask them to join you and hold you accountable. Write that why out and post it somewhere where you can see it DAILY as a reminder.

Tip 2: Enlist a buddy!

See if you can get a friend to make healthier changes with you. Instead of meeting for coffee and a bagel, meet for a walk or a workout. Make fitness dates =) If you can’t find anyone, meetup.org is a great resource, and you can find lots of groups on there that are related to health and fitness!

Tip 3: Just do it.

For real. Motivation comes and goes, but discipline is what keeps you going. I wake up every morning at 6am, put on my gym shoes and workout (quietly) in my kitchen before TJ wakes up. I LOVE IT. This routine really has helped me stay active throughout the day, and gives me an extra energy boost. Try working out in the mornings, I promise you, after 1-2 weeks, it will become a habit and you’ll really look forward to that time instead of wishing you could stay in bed.

Tip 4: Join a support group.

I am starting a 21-day weight loss support group….you’ll have the tools, the accountability, and the motivation to help you get started, plus you’ll have my coaching and the ongoing support of the group to help you stick with your goals long term. You won’t have to do it alone =)

How-to Get Motivated to Lose Weight


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