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How To Get Rid Of Hips Dips (Ultimate 2017 Guide)


How To Get Rid Of Hips Dips (Ultimate 2017 Guide)

Since lately we have been getting a lot of requests and questions from our subscribers and readers on how to get rid of hip dips.

If you don’t know what hip dips are, they are the inward curves just below your hip bones on each side of your body. For some people they are more pronounced and noticeable than others.


For the past couple of months it has gotten a lot of names such as high dents, Violin hips, high hips and shelf hips.

The interesting thing about us humans is that none of us are exactly alike. From head to toe there’s something that will always distinguish you from everyone else.

Remember that we all come in different shapes and sizes. And this is very true when it comes on to your hips.

Some women have round uninterrupted curves while others have a little dip or hip dips between the bottom of the waist and the top of thigh.

Some women are very uncomfortable with having hip dips and try every methods possible to get rid of them.

The aim of this guide is to show you how you can minimize hip dips and get fuller hips, but before we move on, it’s important for you to know that it’s completely normal.

Even those female celebrities in your Instagram feeds have hips dips. It might be hard for you to see it but everyone has hip dips/dents.

Celebrities with hip dips

Celebrities with hip dips

This shows Mily Cyrus, Beyonce, and Kelly Brooks. All of these famous women have them!

Celebrities with violin hips

Let’s not forget to mention Marilyn Monroe, Scarlett Johansson and Demi Lovato!

It’s a part of our anatomy and it just happens to be more noticeable in others. It also has a lot to do with your muscle build, body type and fat distribution.

Bear in mind that in the hip dips occur because the femur attaches to the acetabulum, which is made up of all the 3  main hip bones called pubis, ischium and ilium.

Basically, you get a hip dip from being born with a skeleton.

Even males have hip dips, but for us women it’s much more noticeable because our hips are generally wider.

That being said, don’t feel isolated and depressed because your hip dips are more noticeable than others. Always remember that even the best of us have it and you are not a freak of nature or defected, it is a part of your overall beauty.

What causes hip dips?

Earlier we mentioned that hip dips come about as a result of the shape of your pelvis. This shape is as a result of having high hips.

So let’s say, for example, your pelvis is very high and your hips are wide, it’s most likely that you will have a small amount of hip dip between your hip bones and where your thigh bones begin.

One of the most common requests plastic surgeons get is how to get rid of hip dips. Their solution is to graft fat into the area where the dent is, this is to try to round out the shape and give it a fuller look.

But this isn’t really a safe or viable option for many.

Best exercises for hip dips or violin hips

Hip dips can be caused by your skeletal or muscle structure and even genetics. Whatever the causes might be, following these workouts will definitely help.

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Even though you cannot completely get rid of hip dips you can do exercises that will make them less noticeable.

For example, if you have love handles and lose them, your hip dips will become less evident. So the best thing for you to do is try to tone up your thighs and lose excess belly fat so that they become less noticeable.

Some women wear padded panties in order to fill-out the dents, but that is  just a temporary solution.

If you really want a more permanent solution it’s best to dedicate yourself towards a proper workout routine and healthy eating diet.

This might not work for everyone, as everyone’s hip dips can be due to different reasons.

The only thing with this solution is that there isn’t really a muscle located directly where your hip dips are but it is possible to bulk up your side booty muscles to the point where it fills out the dents.

There are two muscles that are in the vicinity of the hip dips, and they are the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.

The following exercises well target these areas in order to help fill out the dents.

Side leg lifts

On a mat, lie down on your left side with your legs extended.
The right foot should be resting on top of the left foot.
Rest your upper body on your left elbow with the fore arm extended and your palm down on the mat.
Now slowly lift your right leg so that your legs form a wide v-shape. Now lower the leg bringing your feet together and repeat.

Donkey kicks

Get into an all fours position on the mat with palms down.
Make sure to keep your spine straight and extend the right leg fully behind you.
Ensure that your body is supported by your arms and the left knee must remain in the kneeling position.
Push your right leg back up into the air and then back down.
Do 2 sets of 30 reps and switch leg.


Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart.
Keep your back straight while lowering your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
Now slowly raise back up to the original position.

The ultimate workout routine for fuller hips


Strength training your hips and legs can develop the muscles near the hip dip areas so that they are more toned and filled out.

You will need to focus on a program that will help you to gain muscles and also increase your lower body size. The plan should train your hips and legs at least 3 to 4 times a week for good results.

If you are new to hip workouts, this workout routine will be manageable for you.

Now as you go along doing this workout routine your body might become accustomed to the amount of sets and reps you do.

So you will have to gradually increase them as your body needs more challenges, without it they will not grow.

In this case we want the muscles around the hip area to grow and fill out the hip dent. That’s why we picked one of our best wider hips workout that will help to fill out the hip dip area.

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To get the best results make sure that you do this workout routine 3 to 4 times a week so as to maximize your results.

Remember that you will be working out your muscles and they need to grow, so your protein intake will have to be increased to sustain muscle repair.

In the video below you’ll see the particular workout routine that you can do to help get rid of hip dips.

Eating for fuller hips

Remember that you want your hips to be become round and curvy, therefore your calorie intake will have to be slightly increased. To gain weight on your hips aim to eat more calories than you burn.

Try to figure out your daily calorie burn using an online calculator that takes into account your size, age and activity level.

You can add 500 calories per day to your diet, which will result in about 1 pound gain per week.

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Will I get fat?

This will only happen if you’re not working out regularly. Remember that you will be burning off the calories that you’re consuming daily. And the aim is to gain weight on your hips to fill out the hip dips.

What should I eat?

Now don’t just add any calories to your diet such as junk food.

You want to increase your intake of healthy foods, such as starchy vegetables, boiled sweet potatoes, fruits, whole grains, dairy products, unsaturated fats and most of all, protein.

Adding an extra snack that consists of two slices of whole wheat bread that is topped off with 2 tablespoons of almond peanut butter and a cup of freshly sliced bananas will add about 600 calories.

Try to alternate the added extra calories to each meal. Let’s say, for example, during breakfast you can sprinkle an ounce of walnuts on your cereal or at lunch you can have about 8 ounces of Greek yogurt for desert.

After dinner you can drink a glass of low-fat milk to boost your day’s calorie intake by 500 cal. The extra calcium that is in milk will support your body’s growth and muscle development.

How To Get Rid Of Hips Dips (Ultimate 2017 Guide)


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