Wednesday, October 28, 2015

7 Reasons Why You Should Do Squats – Squats Benefits


Squats are one marvelous exercise.

Out of all the fitness exercises, they are my favorite one!

You should do them at least once a week, and of course, on your leg day.

After I’ve shown you the Full Leg Workout Routine and how to Get Sexy Legs, now it’s time to see why the squats are so important.

The first exercise when it comes to leg workout, and the most important of all, are always the squats.

You should do squats with head up, chest up, butt back, abs in, and you should drop it down to the floor!Squats Benefits

I prefer doing them with a squat barbell, because I think they are more effective that way.

But you can still do dumbbell squats too, if you like them better.

Also, you have to load them with weights, because it has to be challenging in order to be body changing.

Let’s see the importance and the squats benefits in the leg workout, in the butt workout, but also one of the most important exercises when it comes to weight loss.

So let’s get started!

1. Tones the Legs

First of all, squats are the most important exercise when it comes to your legs.

They are actually the one exercise that always comes first on your leg day.

Squat exercises thoroughly engage every single leg muscle:

calf muscles.
This helps in the process of toning and strengthen your legs.

As you squat down every single day, you get closer to your goal – getting sexy toned legs.

The right way to do them is with challenging weights, 3-4 sets and 8-13 reps.

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